New Credential AADC
At the April 2014 meeting of the International Certification and
Reciprocity Commission, the IC&RC approved AADAA’s application to begin
 awarding the AADC. At the October 2014 ICRC Meeting, the AADC Committee
approved AADAA’s plan to provide a  “grand parenting” period to current AADAA
 members who meet the qualifications for the credential without needing to take
 the AADC exam. After February 28, 2014 all applicants for the AADC will be
 required to take the credentialing exam.
The “grand parenting” period begins December 1, 2014 and ends February 28, 2015.
The cost of the credentialing process is $285.00. The requirements
 for the credential are posted on the AADAA web site. The AADDA Office has
 applications available.
The Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor credential recognizes the quality of work
provided clients by AADAA members who have made a professional commitment to
excellence and service. Unlike the previous AADAA advanced credential, the MLAP,
 this credential enhances professional mobility, and is recognized by numerous
IC&RC Boards throughout the world.
For further information contact the AADAA Office at 256-432-2781 or via e-mail at: or